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Bioaccumulation of Cadmium in Freshwater Fish: An Environmental Perspective
P.A.C.T. Perera , Suranga P. Kodithuwakku , T.V. Sundarabarathy and U. Edirisinghe
Abstract: Background: Cadmium (Cd) is considered as one of the most toxic heavy metal. Intake of Cd by fish has serious implications. Metal pollution from multifarious sources has adverse effects on aquatic ecosystems. In aquatic systems, Cd is most readily absorbed by organisms directly from the water in its free ionic form. In many contaminated situations with heavy metals, Cd has become an important element of concern because of its bioaccumulative nature in food webs. Therefore, fish living in polluted waters tend to accumulate heavy metals in their tissues. Objectives: To assess the influence of Cd on freshwater fish, this review briefly addresses the Cd emission sources, uptake and impacts of Cd on freshwater fish and bioaccumulation nature of Cd by emphasizing the Cd accumulation affinity in freshwater fish tissues. Results and Discussion: Many studies have been carried out on Cd thresholds in diet and tissues of freshwater fish species. Affinity of freshwater fish to Cd is diverse. Generally, Cd accumulation depends on concentration, time of exposure, way of uptake, environmental conditions and intrinsic factors. Metal accumulation primarily depends on waterborne and dietary pathways. It shows a relationship of Cd level in fish tissues with the age and size of fish. Some species of fish show the highest Cd accumulation in the liver while others in kidneys and gills. Accumulation of Cd by the body muscles is always reported as comparatively low. Cd in freshwater environments results biological and environmental implications by altering reproductive and physiological behaviors of freshwater fish and abilities which ultimately affect environmental permanence and biodiversity of the ecosystem.
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P.A.C.T. Perera, Suranga P. Kodithuwakku, T.V. Sundarabarathy and U. Edirisinghe , 2015. Bioaccumulation of Cadmium in Freshwater Fish: An Environmental Perspective. Insight Ecology, 4: 1-12
DOI: 10.5567/ECOLOGY-IK.2015.1.12
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