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Assessment of Microsatellite Markers: An Attempt Towards Documenting Genetic Diversity of Ethiopian Coffee
K.H. Sene and B. Admassu
Abstract: Background: Identification of unique and diverse coffee genotypes and documenting the entire genetic structure of coffee is an overriding task to devise breeding and conservation strategy. Aim of the study: Two different microsatellites coded with their known NCBI locus tag as CFGA465 and AJ308774 were selected to investigate the role of marker screening in molecular characterization. Methods: The microsatellite CFGA465 distinguished identical and variant genotypes while all genotypes of Coffea arabica were similar based on the molecular data obtained from the microsatellite AJ308774. Results: The result of the present study revealed that CFGA465 is a polymorphic marker and AJ308774 is a monomorphic marker. The fact that the genetic information obtained from CFGA465 is not in accordance with the genetic information obtained from AJ308774 gave insight in the need to test several microsatellites to confirm the diversity of the various genotypes of C. arabica. It seems that CFGA465 is informative simple sequence repeat for it showed the highest polymorphism and aided in determining the genetic distance of the coffee accessions under study. The rest microsatellites, namely, AJ250255, AJ308755 and CFGA502 are included in this study to show diversity of alleles in C. arabica. Conclusion: The efficiency of 6% polyacryl amide gel in allele separation is quite evident in case of all microsatellites under study. The need of developing successful methodologies for implementing PCR based isolation of simple sequence repeat of coffee and depicting the relative importance of the simple sequence repeats in determining polymorphism is underlined. CFGA465 is a promising marker towards identification of various coffee genotypes.
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K.H. Sene and B. Admassu , 2013. Assessment of Microsatellite Markers: An Attempt Towards Documenting Genetic Diversity of Ethiopian Coffee. Insight Genetics, 1: 1-6
DOI: 10.5567/GENETICS-IK.2013.1.6
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