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I find Editorial Staff at Insight Knowledge friendly and they always show more willing to go above and beyond to help you in the whole process of the publication.
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Help Center
How to Submit a New Manuscript?

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically. Before proceeding to the online submission site, please prepare your manuscript according to the instructions as mentioned under the heading, "How to Prepare a Manuscript". When your manuscript is ready for submission, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the online submission site:
  2. Create an account or Sign In
    1. Create an Account. If you do not have an account on the system and want to create it, please click on "Register Now" link on our submission home page and follow the website's instructions to create a new account.
    2. Note: Please contact the editorial office if you have forgotten your UserID and/or Password. Don't create duplicate account on the system.
    3. Sign In:
      1. User name = Email Address. Please note that only one email address can be registered to serve as your login ID. If you use several email addresses and are uncertain about which email address represents your login for this site, please contact the Editorial Office for assistance.
      2. Note: In case you want to change your User name (e-mail address) you must contact the Editorial Office for the required change and should not create a new account on the system. Creation of a duplicate account on the system will lose your previous account history.
      3. Password: If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve your password by clicking on Retrieve my password. Here you will be prompted to enter your email address. An e-mail will be sent to you with your account information. If you incorrectly enter your e-mail ID the system will not generate e-mail and you will not receive your account information.
  3. Author Area. Select Submit a Manuscript link.
    1. Complete the following form fields as a part of the Manuscript Information:
      1. Select Journal in which you want to publish your article.
      2. Select Article Type
      3. Provide title of the article (You may copy and paste from your manuscript file)
      4. Provide complete list of authors with coma separator
      5. Provide Abstract of the article (You may copy and paste from your manuscript file).
      6. Select main, primary and secondary areas of research for your article. From this selection the editorial office will select Reviewers for your article.
      7. After selection click on "Submit Article" button
    2. Upload your manuscript file(s)
      1. After clicking on "Submit Article" you will be asked to browse and upload your manuscript files. Please upload the following files:
        1. Cover Letter: Press "Browse" button and select cover letter file and press Open and then click on Upload File. Your successfully uploaded file(s) will appear in the recently uploaded file(s) list.
        2. Manuscript file(s): To submit manuscript file(s) you should press "Browse" button again, select manuscript file and press Open and then click on Upload file. Repeat this procedure, until you upload the last manuscript file you want to submit. All successfully uploaded files will appear in the recently uploaded files list.
    3. Submit your manuscript
      1. When all the files have been successfully uploaded, and you have no file to upload on the server, click on "Submission completed" button. Acknowledgement page will appear immediately on the next screen. Save or print this page for your future reference.

For technical support you may contact the editorial office via e-mail or by fax (+44-203-357-3191). Editorial Office will answer all of your queries within one business day.

Please Note that no hard copies of either the text or the figures are required for review. However as the author it is your responsibility to ensure the highest quality of the submiutted figures.

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Help Center
How to Prepare a Manuscript?
How to Submit a Revised Manuscript?
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How to Submit a New Manuscript?
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