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How to Submit a Revised Manuscript?

These are the instructions for submitting a revised manuscript. This includes manuscripts which received a decision of "revise," "resubmit," or "further revision needed" in the initial review.

Log-on the Online Manuscript Submission System with your UserID and Password. If you have forgotten your Password, you may retrieve your password by clicking on Forgot Password? The system will send you an e-mail with your account information.

Please keep-in-mind the following points when you prepare revised article for submission:

Cover Letter:

  1. Please include one single file as a cover letter that describes your revision and also includes a response to the comments of the reviewers and editor.
  2. Name the file with the manuscript number followed by "coverletter" and an extension indicating the file type (e.g., 1061234coverletter.doc).

For Manuscript File(s)

  1. We require two versions of the revised manuscript, one with "tracked" or highlighted changes, and one without. Please double-space.
  2. Use Microsoft Word (.doc) or Word Perfect (.wpd) format.
  3. Your revised file should include the title page, the abstract and the text of the article, references, tables, figures and figure legends.
  4. Name your files with the manuscript number followed by "text" and an extension indicating the file type (e.g., 1234656789text-table.doc, 123456789fig1.jpg, 123456789fig2.jpg).

Files you must have available:

  1. Soft copy of Revised manuscript
  2. Soft copy of the Cover Letter

Take the following steps for submitting Revised Manuscript

  1. After logon the system at Author's Homepage Click on Article Management the second link available in left side menu.
  2. Click on Articles in Process. Don't Click on Submit New Manuscript.
  3. Once you've clicked the link "Articles in Process" it will take you to the list of articles needs to submit revised manuscripts.
  4. Click on "Upload Revised Documents"
  5. Now a new screen will appear and you will find the link to Browse and upload file(s) of the Revised Manuscript.
  6. Browse and Upload all files one by one and Click on "Submission Completed".
  7. Once you've clicked the link "Submission Completed", all files you have uploaded will be transferred to the server machine and the status of your manuscript will also be changed.
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How to Submit a Revised Manuscript?
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