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Colletotrichum Can Cause Anthracnose Causing Postharvest Loss
Posted on Tuesday May 11, 2021

Through economy of every country depends to some extent on agriculture, but the economy of agricultural producing countries depends mainly on the harvest. Agriculture joins different industries in the country and then attributes to economic stability. The agricultural sector represents a major share of the marginalized population in a country because of their demographic proximity […]

Snake Worms Infecting the US Soil Swiftly
Posted on Monday May 10, 2021

Highly invasive “Snake worm” of genus Amynthas have different names like they are called Asian jumping worms, Alabama jumpers, and most famously, crazy worms. Pick it up and you’ll know why, as they wriggle-jiggle and springs out of your hand, sometimes leaving behind its tail as a dingy memento. These worms first entered North America […]

Why Diversity, Inclusion, And Equity Are Not Interchangeable?
Posted on Saturday May 08, 2021

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity have been together for so long that some use them interchangeably thinking these words are synonyms, but many people have emphasized their difference too. Dr. Geraldine Cochran, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, in a post at Scholarly Kitchen, gave these 3 terms a quick acronym DIE […]

Best time for planting crops in Drylands of Indonesia
Posted on Friday May 07, 2021

Water is a driving factor for the metabolic process in the plant, so it is vital for agriculture. If the soil is well irrigated, the development of the plant will be good and so will be the productivity. Water availability has a direct relationship to plant growth. Therefore, in dryland crops, water is the major […]

Flow cytometry for the identification of genome size in R. macrophylla
Posted on Thursday April 29, 2021

Classification of plants has helped scientific research. In classification, plants are given scientific names that are universal. Scientific names remain unchanged in any language. The scientific study of plants leading to classification is a continuous process. Everyday scientific research is ongoing to further identify properties of different plants. Plants are assigned different genera based on […]

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